Bizarre ways to unlock your iPhone with nipples, toes & paws

Updated: 2013-09-23
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unlock iphone nipple
In the above video, you can see an iPhone owner register his nipple and lock his new iPhone. Then, a different man unsuccessfully tries to unlock the phone with his nipple. Guess this proves our nipples are all different. That's good to know!
TECH savvy hackers are finding interesting ways to unlock the iPhone 5S fingerprint-based security system.
TouchID, Apple's breakthrough authentication system for the iPhone 5S, labelled more convenient and secure than ever before by the tech giant, includes a fingerprint sensor in its Home button. Users must register their print with the device before gaining the power to unlock the phone.
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"The technology within TouchID is some of the most advanced hardware or software we've put in any device," says an Apple promo video.
But it's not as foolproof as it looks, with users' unlocking their devices with nipples, toes, and even their pets' paws.
Echoing a modern day spy flick, hacker group Chaos Computer Club demonstrated how it cracked the code, using a photograph of a fingerprint and glue to unlock Apple's landmark security system.
"In reality, Apple's sensor has just a higher resolution compared to the sensors so far," said the hacker 'Starbug' on the group's website.
"We only needed to ramp up the resolution of our fake. As we have said now for years, fingerprints should not be used to secure anything. You leave them everywhere, and it is far too easy to make fake fingers out of lifted prints."
It's not necessarily a simple hack, but it's a clear indication that Apple's security benefits may not be all they're cracked up to be.
"First, the fingerprint of the enrolled user is photographed with 2400 dpi resolution. The resulting image is then cleaned up, inverted and laser printed with 1200 dpi onto transparent sheet with a thick toner setting.
"Finally, pink latex milk or white woodglue is smeared into the pattern created by the toner onto the transparent sheet. After it cures, the thin latex sheet is lifted from the sheet, breathed on to make it a tiny bit moist and then placed onto the sensor to unlock the phone."
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