Overlook enchanting landscape of China & Korea at Yalu River, Liaoning

Updated: 2011-03-11
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The Yalu River Scenic Spot lies in Dandong area at the middle and lower reaches of the Yalu River that starts from the mouth of the Hun River on the east and flows into the Big East Port on the west. The Yalu River's overall length is 210 kilometers and its total area is 824.2 square kilometers (including the water area that belongs to Korea). The area of the protection zone is 200 square kilometers.

The Yalu River Scenic Spot is located geographically in an advantageous position. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. There are clear waters and green hills. At the Yalu River Scenic Spot, people can generally survey the scene of both China and Korea, which makes the spot special.

In Chinese, Ya means duck, and Lu means green. The river derived its name from its color and its shape resembling to the head of a duck. Descending from the southern foot of Mt. Changbai in Jilin Province, it runs through Changbai, Ji'an, Kuandian, and Dandong, with a length of 795 kilometers, and finally empties itself into the Yellow Sea. It is the boundary river between China and Korea. The river passes through 300 kilometers of Dandong City, with vast water and beautiful scenery along the banks.

There are two iron bridges over the river, one was erected in 1909 but was destroyed during the Korean War, and the other was erected in 1940.

The Yalu River Scenic Spot faces Bitong, Qingshui, Yizhou and Xinyizhou City of Korea across the River. The meander and the slowness of the River, the jagged cliff on both banks and the luxuriant woods, form a bright and colorful natural landscape. The ruins of the ancient castles, of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall and of the modern war; the modern bridges; and the water conservancy project compose a rich human landscape. The Scenic Spot can be divided into six big parts: the Mouth of the River, the Big Bridge, the Tiger Mountain, the Peace Gulf, Shuifeng and the Green River.

SOURCE: yeschinatour.com
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