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Spring Airlines opens Shijiazhuang-Dalian flight route   26 Apr 2013
Nanning-Hangzhou-Dalian flight route to be launched from April 20th   19 Apr 2013
Hainan Airlines to open new Taiyuan-Dalian-Nanchang flight route   15 Apr 2013
Lianyungang Airport opens Dalian-Lianyungang-Fuzhou flight route   08 Apr 2013
Dalian opens new domestic flights during 2013 summer/autumn season   02 Apr 2013
China Southern Airlines Dalian branch to launch new domestic routes from Dalian   25 Mar 2013
Yichang-Dalian flight route to be launched from March 31st   18 Mar 2013
Dalian to Hangzhou flight route to be launched from March 31   13 Mar 2013
Xiamen Airlines to open Dalian-Xiamen-Kuala Lumpur, Dalian-Xiamen-Singapore route   25 Feb 2013
Xiamen Airlines to launch new routes from Dalian in 2013   19 Feb 2013
Dalian to see flight price drops after Spring Festival travel peak   18 Feb 2013
Hainan Airlines to launch three more Dalian flight routes during Spring Festival rush   04 Feb 2013
Hainan Airlines to launch Dalian-Taiyuan charted flight during Spring Festival rush   28 Jan 2013
China Southern Airlines Dalian branch to add flights during Spring Festival rush   24 Jan 2013
Dalian-Bangkok charter flight launched, to be operated till March 3   23 Jan 2013
Spring Airlines to launch Shenyang to Guangzhou flight route   16 Jan 2013
Dalian airport plans to open more flight routes in 2013   07 Jan 2013
Tianjin Airlines to add 2 more flight to daily Tianjin-Dalian route    11 Dec 2012
Dalian-Changbai Mountain chartered flight to be luanched from Nov 30   19 Nov 2012
Singapore Airlines' budget subsidiary Scoot cancels Singapore-Shenyang flight   13 Nov 2012
More Southeast Asia-bound flights via Dalian airport to be launched   09 Nov 2012
Dalian Airlines launches Dalian-Taiyuan-Sanya, Dalian-Hangzhou-Sanya flight    01 Nov 2012
Dalian-Xiamen-Sanya, Dalian-Wuhan-Kunming chartered flight to be launched   22 Oct 2012
Dalian to increase 4 more charted flights during National Day Holiday 2012   24 Sep 2012
Singapore-based carrier Scoot to launch Singapore-Shenyang-Qingdao route    31 Aug 2012
Dalian-Aomori charted flight to open on September 12 and 16   25 Aug 2012
China Eastern Airlines increases Hefei-Qingdao-Shenyang flight from August 6   09 Aug 2012
Dalian-Paris direct flight opens, the first flight from Dalian to Europe   28 Jul 2012
Number of air passengers between mainland China and Taiwan hit 3.66m in Jan-May   06 Jul 2012
Saipan Air to launch Shenyang-Saipan flights from August   06 Jun 2012
China Southern Airlines to launch Dalian-Pusan, Dalian-Yangyang flights    30 May 2012
China Southern Airlines Dalian branch to launch 2 Dalian-Pohang flight route   19 May 2012
Dalian-Shizuoka, Dalian-Wakayama flight route to open from July 1   17 May 2012
Dalian Airlines launches new flight routes to Hangzhou, Xi'an   12 May 2012
Dalian-Xining flight to stop in Erdos, offers convenience for Inner Mogolia tourists   27 Apr 2012
Hainan Airlines launches Dalian-Ordos-Xining flight route   17 Apr 2012
Eastern Airlines & Hainan Airlines to open more flight routes from Dalian   03 Apr 2012
Lufthansa to open direct Frankfurt-Shenyang flight route on March 27   22 Mar 2012
Dalian Airlines to increase Dalian-Beijing route to 4 flights per day   21 Mar 2012
Southern Airlines to launch Beijing-Dalian-Kagoshima, Xi'an-Dalian-Osaka flight   19 Mar 2012
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