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Liaoning Travel
Changhai County among Top 10 Best Tourist County of China in 2012   14 Jan 2013
Dandong delegation attends 2012 CITM for tourism cooperation in Yangtze Delta    27 Nov 2012
Kuandian Maple Leaf Festival to held in Dandong, Liaoning   26 Sep 2012
Number of farmhouses for holiday tourism in Dandong to exceed 1,000 by year's end   21 Aug 2012
Dandong tourism highlighted at Beijing Int'l Tourism Expo, attracts Taiwan delegates   10 Jul 2012
2012 Liaoning happy and healthy tour along the Yalu River kicks off   31 May 2012
Wang Er Shan in Liaoning province tells a touching story for thousands of years   15 May 2012
Dandong expected to receive 300,000 tourists during Hekou Peach Blossom Festival   11 May 2012
Tourism revenue of Dandong during May Day holiday up by 14% year on year   08 May 2012
Exploring historic Shenyang: list of top historical attractions in the city   14 Mar 2012
Zhaoling Tomb, aka North Tomb, is the largest park in Shenyang   28 Feb 2012
Changxing Island Holiday Resort: one of most popular summer resorts in Liaoning   16 Feb 2012
Take a short trip less than 2 hours away from Shenyang   05 Dec 2011
Qipan Mountain aka Qi Pan Shan in Shenyang, connects great mountains in NE China   10 Aug 2011
Visit 8 famous sights in Xiongyue located in Yingkou city, Liaoning   28 Jul 2011
Fuling Tomb, a mausoleum for founding emperor of Qing dynasty    30 Jun 2011
Shenyang Zhaoling Tomb, an anicent mausoleum dates back to 1643    31 Mar 2011
Witness history of world railway at Shenyang Steam Locomotive Museum   22 Mar 2011
Qianshan Mountain, a sacred land of Buddhism & Taoism in Liaoning    17 Mar 2011
Overlook enchanting landscape of China & Korea at Yalu River, Liaoning   11 Mar 2011
Huludao, a natural hideaway with beaches & resorts in Liaoning   02 Mar 2011
See icy wonderland at Shenyang Int'l Ice & Snow Festival during Jan 7 - Feb 28, 2011   05 Jan 2011
Benxi Water Cave National Park, a wonderland of stalagmites & stalactites in Liaoning   29 Dec 2010
Experience Manchu culture at Shenyang Imperial Palace   28 Dec 2010
Admire peaks & temples at Qianshan Mountain Scenic Spot in Anshan, Liaoning   16 Dec 2010
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